To Summer Shepherd, Madison and Rivendell are basically the same place!

4 Responses to "Get to Know the DJ’s – Summer Shepherd"

  • Joe Orosco says:

    Great video! Thank you for sharing some insight into your life and letting us get to know you a little bit!

  • Russell Theel says:

    I am a long time listener. I first cut my teeth with Ann Manion. Loved her and the bubbly person that she is. Sorry she left the show.

    When I listen to the radio station. I am without a doubt in a “great” place. No thoughts of the outside world other than family and friends who I have daily contact with. You DJ’s are the best…..encouraging uplifting and a “gift” from God. Thank God that you folks are with me on a daily basis.

  • Somer Halat says:

    I loved this getting to know you video, Summer!! You are my favorite to listen to, and it’s so nice to put a face to your voice. 🙂 And we share a name though mine is spelled differently.

  • hd says:

    I would love to meet you and have a heart to heart conversation of what God has done in our lives.
    Love listening to you.

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