Life 102.5 has been helping my family cope with life in so many ways. My four children, all minors are one of the main reasons I started listening to Life 102.5. Our family has struggled a lot, like a lot of families have been through this pandemic and finding this radio station at the time we did has really been a blessing in so many ways. Not only are we encouraged by the songs to know God is always in control, but it is always nice to not have to worry about what the kids will hear on Life 102.5, like every other station. Uplifting is such a fitting term because that truly is what this music does. I always get that special encouragement to stay strong and positive listening to Life 102.5 and it is really awesome to look in the backseat of the car and see the kids singing or going with the beats of the songs. Its a blessing inside of a blessing. Thanks Life 102.5! I am truly thankful for what this station is doing in my families life.

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