The Nearly Impossible Question – 6:20 weekday mornings!

Monday 10/11/21

In America, the average person consumes two bottles of this per year.  What is it?

Answer: Ketchup

Tuesday 10/12/21

Almost 2/3 of people say this happens to them every day. What is it?

Answer: Forget what day it is

Wednesday 10/13/21

The smallest one of these in the World is 2 feet wide. What is it?

Answer: A park (Mill Ends Park in Portland, OR)

Thursday 10/14/21

The average American will use almost 20 of these in their lifetime. What is it?

Answer: Different doctors (19 on average, to be exact)

Friday 10/15/21

1 out of 6 people say they can do this, even if it’s not very well. What is it?

Answer: Perform a magic trick