I came upon Life 102.5 about 5 years ago. I had been saved when I was in my 20’s but had been running from God for years. I got into a lot of new age beliefs (witchcraft) and became very lost. Then I got pregnant and was determined to raise my child up in new age beliefs. While I was pregnant, I lost both of my parents and then other things happened to totally challenge any faith I had and I felt I lost all faith, all the while, still talking to God and crying out to him but being so, so angry with him. After having my son, I started feeling more and more lost and trying anything and everything to feel better. Depression and anxiety set in and my husband had to take care of me and our son.
Soon, the enemy came to me telling me to just kill myself. It will be all over if you just die, I fought this so hard, after all i just had my son and loved him so much., I didn’t want to die. It becomes worse everyday and I cried everyday. Then one night, we were driving to the airport to pick up my mother in law at Christmas time and I prayed and begged God to help…I said I’d do anything just heal me. That’s when I heard, “turn on the radio and just listen”, so I did to 102.5. It was Christmas music and I hated it. I hated Christmas…I lost the true reason of Christmas. But I listened, it burned within me and I cried. We listened everyday all day and I cried. Then the holidays were over and it turned to normal worship music. Little by little everyday the music became a part of me. We also were guided to a great church called Grace Church in New Glarus. The first day we attended Grace, I knew I was where I needed to be. 5 years later now, I have been set free so much and still continue to to seek Jesus every day.
There are two songs that really hit me in the beginning, “Tell your heart to beat again” and ” Blessings”. Many other songs touched me as well, but these are the first 2 songs I heard Jesus speak to me through.

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