Summer’s Back to School Encouragement

Here’s to my fellow parents who are grinding to get their kids back to the grind; who are hustling to prepare their kids to hustle. It’s back-to-school season and with that comes a wide spectrum of emotion: stress, angst, relief, impatience, stress, nostalgia, stress… Whether your child is heading into kindergarten or college, we are here for you. Whatever other emotions you’re feeling right now, I invite you to let Life 102.5 keep you company.

Our goal is show you Jesus and help you walk closer with Him every day. When we are running ourselves ragged, He offers rest. When we are hurting, He is our hope. When we are prepping, planning, and packing, He grants us peace.

Whenever you need a friend He is there, and so are we.

You got this, mama. You got this, dad. We’re in this together.

Summer Shepherd

Summer Shepherd, Afternoons

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