Thank you for your station. It has helped me through some rough times. I would like to share my “Halleluiah Even Here” story.

Last summer some very close friends of mine found out that they were expecting twin girls. They were overjoyed. Twins!! Twin speak! Photos! Matching outfits! Milestones! We were all over the moon with excitement. Summer Shephard was pregnant with her twins at the same time. I would smile excitedly and think of my friends whenever Summer mentioned the fact that she was having twins.

My friends found out fairly early on that one of the twins was struggling They never lost hope, even after the doctors told them that the odds were not in their favor. They still held their faith in God and in hope. Week after week they went to the doctor and week after week the doctors were amazed that the little precious baby girl was still holding on. It seemed like a miracle was bound to happen.

The parents found out at the doctor’s office a week before the twins were due for a caesarian that their baby girl that was struggling had died in utero. The other twin was progressing relatively normally. The doctors kept the same surgery date. My friend had to carry the babies for another week knowing that one was lost. I witnessed the mother rubbing that side of her stomach, desperately seeking movement and crying out to God for a miracle. The miracle didn’t happen. My faith was shaken. Being witness to that is the most heartbreaking moment I have ever experienced.

I remember crying out “God we know you are good but we don’t understand!”. I came to realize that I don’t have to understand. My faith in God is strong. I know he is good. My friends know he is good. But it’s hard, especially when it involves the death of a child. God doesn’t take this lightly. He knows what it has done to them. We have to trust that there is a greater purpose and reason. God is Good! He has a plan. He is taking care of their daughter in heaven. Someday we will all be reunited.

My friends kept their faith even through their anger and hurt. Their late daughter was baptized in the hospital chapel amongst wailing and endless heartbroken tears. That pain is still real almost a year later. They still struggle daily and sometimes feel like this was a punishment (it’s not). Even through their doubts they still believe in God and his goodness even though it’s extremely hard for them. They love their surviving daughter with all their heart and are beyond thankful that she was born healthy. They know they are blessed, even through the heartache and tears. God IS good. Hallelujah Even Here!

The music on this station has helped me through the hurt and the tears of losing what might have been. One of the songs that has helped the mother through this is “Just be Held” by Casting Crowns. There are countless songs on Life 102.5 that give me hope and encouragement during these hard times. Thank you for that. God is good.

Thank you and God Bless.

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