Rescuing dogs and cats is Becky’s passion and today, she shares how her organization, called Brown Paws Rescue, has saved hundreds of pets.

Brown Paws Rescue

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  • Mary Kay Moudry says:

    I want SO MUCH to adopt a female dog, I have Leukemia and a dog would help me so much especially to get me out and get my mind off all the hospital visits, blood tests, transfusions, chemo drugs and the dog would just distract me so much and give me something else to think about and I would Love the dog so much the dog would be glued-to-my-hip so-to-speak. I had a service dog one, Bailey who bit me when I tried to clip her nails the vet told me it I could it would be cheaper than a vet visit, so I CAREFULLY tried, but Bailey put her mouth on my hand and I froze and then distracted her and she removed her mouth from my hand, then the vet said a True service dog would not do that, so then Bailey was gone. I miss her a lot, before I rescued a female cockapoo female from a couple that could not keep her, own was losing sight, this cockapoo had been traumatized by the neighbor hood children with sticks, so I took her as a 3yr old adult she was fantastic, BUT was starting to become a liability with the neighbor hood children and the vet said to take her to the human society. So I did, I miss Jody all the time and wish I had her back since now I do not live around children.

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