This month Sept 2021 I had my 8th Cancer surgery, The first one in 1984 and more to follow. I also have had back issues, recently in P.T. for painful sciatic w.bursitis and arthritis in R hip and leg. I’m 81 yrs young, still working P. T. I don’t know why I’ve gone through so much, but haven’t lost my faith in God. He’s gotten me through many trials in my life and even though I’ve suffered, He’s been there with me through it all. My father taught me to ‘live each day as if it were your last”. I have the love and support not only of my family and friends but of my staff and students at the high school where I’m Grandma Betty and have been for 16 yrs.! My advice, is NEVER GIVE UP~ I’ve gone through so much in the last year, having a surgery for Cancer in Dec. that went wrong and was so afraid I would die. Prayers from me and community…I believe in prayer and I’m still here to tell of God’s love.

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