I remember the day so clearly! It was December 17, 2017. I was a suicidal mom to 2 under 2. I had caught my husband cheating on me over the internet and he had been for over a year. I was in my darkest place I could ever be. I thought there was no hope for me anymore. My sister invited me to go to Blackhawk Christmas service at the upper house. So I went with my sister, my father and my two kids. At the end of the service a pastor on staff announced the brand new series that the church would be doing starting in January 2018. The new series was called “The Struggle is Real.” Talking about how everyone struggles even Christians with anxiety, depression, addiction, death or grief etc. I knew right then and there God was speaking to me. He has never left me, I left him. God was telling me I see you Amanda and I see your struggles, but I am telling you no Christian is perfect and we all struggle but I’m here to being you back and save you. 4.5 years later I have never felt so FREE. I am thriving as a soon to be mom of 4 children. My marriage is doing better than ever. My husband is also getting help for his own addition. I will never forget that day. It was almost as if I could feel God hugging me.

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