Back in 2011, I had an accident and killed a women while driving drunk. I was sentenced to 11 years in prison. I was in Taycheedah Prison, I found out that God didn’t leave me, I left him. Thanks to your radio station and the word of God, I found him again. Your station had literally kept me going while inside those walls. I don’t think my love for God would have survived if it wouldn’t have been listening to your station. I then went to Robert E. Ellsworth Correctional facility and found your station again. To this day, my radio does not move from 102.5. I ended up getting out 16 months early with the grace of God and the mother and sister of the women I killed said that I had accomplished a lot during my stay and that 16 more months was not going to bring her back. I was released from prison last December. I love your station and it definitely keeps me grounded and close to God. Bless you.

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  • Debbie Dubuc says:

    I am the sister of the woman Tami killed. It has not been an easy road to forgiveness ~ but really WWJD. He would forgive and have faith and that is what carries us through our difficult days. I am so thankful for your station! It is on in my car and in my home ~ always listening and praising God, getting me through the good and bad days, and “speaking to me” through the perfect song. I am so happy that Tami has found that same strength in your station, God moves in mysterious ways ~ God Bless!

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