I just feel like I need to do something for Jesus. On June 9th, my Dad lost his job. I was so hurt, and I didn’t know what I would do. My parents told me to trust in God, and 2 months later, he accepted a job offer. He will be starting his job now, in 2 weeks. I feel so grateful for Life 102.5, as they have totally helped me as well, (they always help me).
Every song is so encouraging, and some just make me so happy I want to cry for no reason. The songs just make me forget about all my problems and they lead me to God’s hand. That’s why I feel a need to sing. I’ve always said, “Of course I trust in God,” but then I actually realized I had to actually trust in him, not just say so. That’s when I felt like a new person. The song “Way Maker”, by Mandisa, showed me that God would make a way for our family and a miracle, and God did that. God will always make a way for you, just ask him.

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