Around 32 years ago, I was in the Military, my job was going great. However my personal life was chaotic and just plain miserable and awful . I found myself in Churches, and at funerals doing Color and Honor Guards, I did the same for a great Evangelist Tim Lee at a Church in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Well, I thought and believed, and still do, that Jesus was asking me if I was going to take Him serious. Because just a few years earlier I became a Christ follower, but under more of my terms. I did take Him serious. I finished up my contract in the Marines got out, came home and started over. Lots has happened since, I found my Church, my Wife, kids….It’s not easy to follow Jesus , in fact it’s harder and easier both than anything I’ve ever done. It is so worth it though. If you add up all Jesus offers, you too will pick up you’re cross and follow Him.

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