So….I’ve had some car problems.  We ALL rely on our cars soooo much!  Not once but twice I had to take her in to get fixed & all is good!  Again 2 days ago a light comes on my dash!!  Now what?? They get me in this morning and give me a car to drive! 🤗 I get in & proceed to turn on my “always” station…Life 102.5!!  And guess what? No need to adjust the radio because it is ON ALREADY & listed as the #1 preset!  YOU!!!  Yes… God is ALWAYS HERE FOR ALL!!  And a shout-out to GRIFFIN CHRYSLER in Jefferson.  They always take great care of me, my hubby & our community!!💝🤗 Sending LOVE & LIGHT to ALL who read this!💖🌟 God is always at the helm!!🙏

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