The Nearly Impossible Question – 6:20 weekday mornings!

Monday 6/21/21

A survey revealed that 1 out of 50 people do this seven times per day. What is it?

Answer: Drink a cup of coffee

Tuesday 6/15/21

Only 25% of people own one of these. What is it?

Answer: Fire extinguisher

Wednesday 6/16/21

About 10% of people have never investigated this about themselves. What is it?

Answer: Checked their credit score

Thursday 6/17/21

3 out of 5 women are unhappy with their husband when he does this while driving. What is it?

Answer: Litter

Friday 6/18/21

Almost 40% of dads say this is their least wanted Father’s Day gift. What is it?

Answer: A gym membership