The struggle of losing someone close to you is very real.  Hear how Anne Wilson dealt the loss of someone very close to her…AND how it was Christian music that helped get her through it.


Enjoy the song born of Anne Wilson’s REAL life.

8 Responses to "The TRUE story behind Anne Wilson’s song “My Jesus”"

  • John Cooner says:

    Touching story lost my 27 year old son in car accident early one morning 3 years ago. He was a musician and song writer also had a dog named Jett miss him terribly but God has got us through it love the song My Jesus

    1. Tammie Kechula says:


  • Colleen Janik says:

    What a beautiful, powerful song. I was having a rough day and was in my car trying to run errands and turned the radio on. “Let me tell you about my Jesus” was playing and I felt so uplifted and started singing the song with her and praising our awesome God.

  • Christiana Diehl says:

    What a beautiful uplifting song. .I lost my 25 year old son on March 25 ,2020. . I can’t tell you how many times I play Ann wilson’s song for comfort and inspiration. I really believe God used her to write and sing this song to witness to others .!

  • vicky sandlin says:

    I love the song.. I lost my son to a massive heart attack August 2010. He was my oldest. I am truly blessed to have 2 more son’s. The words of Annie’s song is so true. Our God is an AWESOME God!!! You never get over losing someone, but with God’s help you learn how to live with it..

  • I LOVE THIS so much, thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your story,,Anne.

  • Brandy Abney says:

    I recently lost my 20 year old son, while visiting my oldest son this song popped up on iTunes. The video had some similarities with my family. The song is absolutely beautiful- then I listened to Anne’s testimony- so powerful. God definitely is using Anne’s story to inspire and give us hope during these tragic times. God is my only hope. Thank you Anne

  • Marvin says:

    Over the course of 66 years, I’ve found that my Jesus can be found in the big moments along Life’s Highway…but mostly in the small ones. I lost my wonderful wife & best friend Teri Lynn in 2019. Our folks are gone…our families…our only child didn’t live long…these days of COVID and upheaval in the world are lonely indeed — except for my Jesus, and the love He shared with us and through us. I love this song and this tender young heart!

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