About 9 years ago I was divorced. I had been praying to God for years to help hold my marriage together or to help it come to an end so I could be happy again. Sadly, my spouse strayed away and left me holding onto everything alone. Since my divorce, with God’s strength & guidance I have finally forgiven and moved on. I have prayed for our children’s peace & prosperity & now have 5 beautiful grandchildren to pray for & spoil. I know I am never alone becaus God is Lways with me & has been blessing me in so many ways. Except with my children and grandchildren almost all moved away and my immediate family living out of my state I stil find myself lonely for companionship. I have prayed for Gid to send me someone made just for me to help fill this void but that has yet to happen. Its been 5 years now since i asked. I have a lot of love to give.

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