Episode #307 — Inside the fresh sound of songs like “Move” from recording artist Lincoln Brewster’s latest, just released project, Perfect Love, there’s a celebration that will feel familiar to longtime fans of his work. It’s the great news that there’s courage to be found in a relationship with Jesus that’s greater than fear. But the thoughtful CCM staple has more to say – as so many of us have discovered for ourselves, our faith doesn’t mean that fear simply disappears.

“I’m sensitive to this idea that, ‘I don’t have fear anymore’. It’s a thing people like to say, ‘I’m a Christian. So I’m not afraid anymore.’ But this idea of courage, if you’re not afraid you can’t be courageous! That’s the key ingredient that has to be present for courage to occur. That’s the whole point!”

“The idea is – it’s not letting fear do what it’s designed to do. But our goal as believers shouldn’t be to never experience fear. It should be to not be controlled by it when we do experience it. And we see that in the life of Jesus. He asked for the cup to pass by Him. He said, can You use another way? Because He was afraid to do that. I wouldn’t want to do that. But He did it anyway.”

It’s truth that might not seem like great news at first, but is more freeing the more you process it.

“So that idea has been powerful for me. It would kind of be along the same lines I suppose as going, ‘I’m never tempted anymore!’. It’s just like, that’s not a thing! The Apostle Paul never said that. He actually said that he – the guy who wrote most of the New Testament, one of the most influential writers in history – is the chief of all sinners. The things he wills to do he doesn’t do, and the things that he wills not to do, he does. It’s a daily battle. It’s a daily struggle to not let all the wrong things win in your life.”

Lincoln Brewster is the much-beloved guitar maestro, vocalist & songwriter with the brand new album just available everywhere, Perfect Love.

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