I just felt the need to share my story.
2020 was probably the hardest year of my life. In July and again in December I lost both my grandfathers, one to cancer and the other to complications of COVID. It was extremely tragic, but I felt God there guiding everything into place. I think His presence through the Spirit and you guys communicating His love through the station kept me from losing it and falling into a pit of grief. A burial and celebration of life service are still to take place, and I would appreciate prayer for my grandmothers who are now living alone that they would feel close to God and be drawn to Him.
A little bit about me: I am fourteen years old and have been a faithful Life 102.5 listener for a couple years now. Though my radio broke a few months ago I’ve been tuning in on my laptop whenever I can. I also just wanted to say thanks for all you’ve been doing sharing God’s love through the station.
God bless to all you guys over there!

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