I am so thankful for GOD saving me! I was moved to be baptized 7/29/2020 and since that day I displayed an act of obedience GOD has shown HIS mighty hand. My key piece of advice to anyone would be to PUT GOD FIRST and KEEP GOD FIRST! We can know HIS word and pray but if we are NOT putting GOD on the frontline then you are not allowing all HE has for you to manifest! Don’t let the astronomical price JESUS paid for our sins to be in vain!! PUT GOD FIRST AND KEEP HIM FIRST! How do you do that…… start your day with GOD……give HIM more of your time!!! Less of you and more of GOD and end your day with HIM!!! If you do this I guarantee you’ll see GOD move in your life! Mark my words!!!! Forgive me Father of my sins…..help me to have less of me and more of you GOD……give me strength to PUT YOU FIRST and KEEP YOU FIRST in all I do and help me to end my day by thanking you for your grace and mercy!!!!! In JESUS name AMEN!!!!!….now walk by these words…..become disciplined to them and watch GOD move!!!! I love you to life AMEN AMEN and AMEN.

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