We have been bringing our grandson to church (whenever he is with us about every 2-3 weeks) since he has been 4 weeks old. He turned 3 years old in January 2021 – with COVID we had not been able to bring him (parents wishes with Covid – we get it). So this past Sunday we were able to take Ian to church. We sat down (we always sit closer to the front) and the first thing he did was to point to the crucifix and said “Jesus”. This just about brought tears to my eyes. A year had passed since he’s been to church and he still remembered Jesus. I will never underestimate the intelligence of children – I will teach him about Jesus whenever the opportunity comes. I also want to mention that his parents (my son and his wife) do not attend church and they struggle with their beliefs. But I am so grateful that they allow us to share our church and Jesus with him. Please pray for my son and his family that they will remember their Christian faith and the importance of sharing this with their children.

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  • Delilah Bell says:

    My God this really touched my heart Lori, that’s such a beautiful story. You’re doing the right thing by your grandson. I believe he will remember grandma introduced him to Jesus. I’m sure God smiles on that. Suffer little children to come unto me amen.

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