I learn so much from my kids.

As much as I try to instill profound wisdom and lifelong lessons that will get passed down throughout the generations, I’m always the one learning. And it’s always gleaned from the MOST random things. Like hide and seek.

To say my kids are not good at hide and seek is putting it lightly. In truth, they’re the worst. Like, the absolute worst. We would search for the girls and call out, “Where aaaare yoooou?” and almost every time we’d be met with, “I’m over here!” Half the time they’d run out to meet us. The worst. They just didn’t get it. It reminded me of Adam and Eve in the garden when they worked so hard to hide themselves from God (did they really think that would work?) and when He asks where they were they just blurted out their location. Yeah, nice try guys.

My kids aren’t only the worst at hiding, though. They’re also terrible seekers. Despite the fact that Arwyn hides in the same exact spot each time, Aurelya never remembers to look there until she’s been seeking for several minutes. Then she’ll hide in that same spot and Arwyn doesn’t think to look there right away either. I mean, wouldn’t that be the FIRST place you’d look? Apparently not. Like I said, they’re the worst.

But as I sat there judging my kids (I never said I was a perfect parent, ok?) God nudged me toward self-reflection like He so often does. “Yeah, it’s goofy that they never think to look in the obvious place first, right? They seek everywhere but where they know the truth will be found. They have to exhaust every other option first, even though they know the answer is always the same.” Apparently my children’s blindness is hereditary. You see, when I am faced with a dilemma I tend to pull up my big girl pants and stand to my feet. I examine the problem and strategize a solution. I experiment, I Google it, I put my questions to Facebook, I call my mom. I do everything I can think of… until I realize that my first mistake was standing to my feet when I should have fallen to my knees. It’s always the best way. It’s always the answer. I’ve seen that time and time again, and yet I always start with where I know the answer WON’T be found. My solution isn’t even hiding and yet I don’t find it for an embarrassingly long time. I guess I can’t judge my kids for how bad they are at hide and seek when I’m even worse, and my game has way higher stakes.

So next round, let’s start with prayer. He may then lead us to other places for the next clue and turn hide and seek into an exciting scavenger hunt, growing us as we play. But the real journey can’t get started if we don’t seek in the right place first. He promises that if we seek Him we will find Him. It’s that simple. Turns out God isn’t great at hide and seek either.

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