I am 73 yrs old. I been going to church since I was a baby. In fact mine mom was mine frist Sunday school teacher. God been in mine life every since. God been with me with me since then I been though 3 operation First one was for a hole in mineffefef a major operation and the next night the doctor told mine mom I was not going to make it though the night but with God help and though friends prays I make it That was in 1999. then in those yrs mine first wife was was real sick and I had to take care of her. God was with us all this time. In 2002 I got fire on mine job then in the last 3 yrs I have to have 2 0peraton for cancer and now I ok so far. I been active in church all mine life. I taught ss school for about 48 yrw and other jobs in the church. Mine wife died in 2003. I been though a lot in mine life I follow God all mine life and He got me though all of this. He also was with me to fine me a 2nd wife now and we are happy together. I will say this if you believe in God and follow him He is with you all the time.God bless everybody.

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