When I first stumbled across Lauren Daigle’s new collaboration with Petey Martin, Come Back Home, I felt… seen. One thing that is not widely known about me, but that I freely share when asked, is that I spent a number of years of my life running from God. And that’s putting it lightly. What I believed ensured my return to the fold was having a mother who never stopped praying. Even when others looked as me as one beyond hope, beyond help, even when we clashed and fought didn’t see ANYTHING eye to eye, she prayed. If you want to hear my whole story, I shared it on Facebook a while back. Here it is:

If you have a prodigal in your life, or if you were one, I hope this song blesses you as much as it did me:

And if you are feeling helpless and defeated as you consider your lost loved ones, I implore you – Never.Stop.Praying. I am evidence that prayer can move mountains and soften the hardest of hearts.

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