I came to know the Lord at the young age of 11. My mom taught Sunday school but when my dad died I asked why would God take away my daddy. It was then after talking to people from church and at his funeral that I realized God does all things for a reason. I went on with my life and was sometimes teased about my faith in God. I married and had 4 wonderful children. Later I found out my husband had another woman in his life for more then half the time we were together. I kept God 1st and foremost in my life. I dreaded the idea of being alone for the rest of my life. I was working at a gas station when I met a very nice man. We had coffee and talked a lot about our faith in God. On our second date I went to church with him . We grew closer and closer. One year later we were married on Sunday during church so we could be surrounded with people who had faith in God like us and would be there to help us along our journey. God is always with you no matter how bad we think things are in our lives. Unfortunately I lost my beloved Michael in May. It’s been 6 months now but I know he is with the Lord in heaven. God gave us this life to show others about him. He has our lives planned out for us all. The wonderful thing is that when you believe in the Lord you do not die but have everlasting life. So keep God in your heart and he will get through everything. Share the word of God with others. It is God that has control of everything that happens in this world. Keep praying for peace in our land. We need to unite with God to bring peace to this earth.

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