Let me start just by saying “GOD IS GOOD!”  This is a hard story to tell.  On August 4, 12, and 16, 2020 I lost 3 family members that I love so much: my dad, my mom, and my brother, they lost their battle with Covid-19. I did not accept this. I was like, “how could God do this to me and my 3 brothers and my 3 sisters? How could he take the lives of our beloved family, especially my mom and dad? How could he do that after we prayed and prayed and fasted, and told him to please not take our family? We were devastated because we were such a close family.

One day I was outside hearing your station. I live in Eagle Pass, Texas, and hear life 102.5 online, because I love your station, and I was so sad and I was crying, then I heard the song “Even If” by Mercy Me, and I understood that he received them in heaven with him and at that time I told my Lord to forgive me. Your station has been a blessing, it has healed me. God bless you all

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