This year has been the hardest of my life so far. In May, my three year old daughter started having seizures. It was terrifying to watch as a mom. We took her to have an EEG scan and were told by the Neurologist to come back the next day to discuss treatment. The very next day, as I was driving her to the appointment, a drunk driver pulled out in front of us on the highway. Miraculously my daughter and I walked away from the scene without a scratch. However the other driver passed away. I went through serious depression and anxiety but every time I got behind the wheel again, Life 102.5 was playing. The song that got me through that hard time was “Peace be Still” by Hope Darst. No matter what kind of storm I was going through, Jesus was here with us. My daughter still talks about seeing Him in the car that morning. We are all moving on with life, but that will forever be our greatest “God moment”.

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