I’ll try to make a long story short, but that’s difficult to do when Jesus is involved. πŸ™‚

As a kid, we were allowed to go to church and read the Bible, but not actively encouraged to participate. I attended Sunday school for a while with one of my sisters, and another one of my sisters went to church with me before we moved. My whole life, I’ve felt a “tugging” on my heart that I didn’t understand and tried to ignore.

As I got older and started hearing John Cooper speak during his Skillet performances, I better understood what that feeling was, but I wasn’t ready to acknowledge it. Other speakers like Bob Lenz and Reggie Dabbs really made an impact on my mind at Lifest every year, although my heart hadn’t caught up yet. Fast forward to Lifest 2019 when my husband and I saw For King & Country for the first time. I’d never heard an artist tell me before that I was priceless, and that God already knew what I was going through so I could trust Him to get me through it. That planted a seed, but I wasn’t willing to water the seed at that time. A few months later, we saw them again at the Wisconsin State Fair in Madison, WI. That was the night my life changed because I feel that Joel and Luke Smallbone spoke right to me. They created an environment where I became vulnerable in the very best way, and when I let my guard down, Jesus was able to start putting the pieces together the way they ought to be. I swear, as crazy as it sounds, I heard Him tell me that night that I’m loved, I have a purpose, and people need me to accept it.

From then on, I’ve been so much more conscious of the music I listen to, the things I watch and read, the way I talk to and about others, and how I pray. It’s going to be a learning process until the day I die, but it’s the type of education that’s worth dying for, especially since Jesus died for me.

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