I had previously shared what an impact your station had on me about a year and a half ago. Emotionally I was full of fear, doubt and lacked direction in many areas of my life but then I really just happened on your station because I saw a Life 102.5 sticker on a car. I turned it on and the song “Fear is a Liar” was playing. I had never heard that song before that day and it just moved me to tears! I found the song and listened to it over and over. After that day I became a regular listener and put God first. What a difference! It doesn’t mean my life is without trials (and triumphs too) but I found peace knowing that your station is there for me! Just this past week after the election I was feeling very hopeless and angry. As I was driving and having my morning chat with God on Wednesday the song Believer came on at the exact time a Bald Eagle swooped from a tree and soared with me! The day after that as I was having my morning chat with God the song Rise Up came on just as the same Bald Eagle was sitting in a cornfield. We made eye contact and he watched me drive on by. Two signs that were sent to me just as I asking for them! Thank you for your station and providing me hope everyday!

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