There’s lots to my story. The years have just seemed to fly by. Just like many of us, learn to walk, go to school, fall in love and get married, have babies. Just what God would want. But there is a four letter word that weaves its way through all of that and it is called LIFE. Life happens, a dad dies when you are 12, you try for the next 6 years to figure it all out, graduate, get married when you’re 19. Think things aren’t too bad in “life” then IT happens — my son was 9 when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, anyone who lives with a loved one with a chronic health issue knows “It doesn’t go away” Every night the fear of a low blood sugar will haunt. Every early morning you wake up and check to make sure they are still alive, there are frequent blood checks and doctor visits, and then before the same year is out your husband is diagnosed with hip cancer and in his late 30’s he faces an artificial hip. But my story understands God’s Word and His ultimate sacrifice, my story knew there was “LIFE” and it played around the clock. The songs “Jesus Never Fails” was popular then and I know that God put it in place for such a time in my life. another song “Jesus Will Still Be There” played through out those days too. Now after all those years God is still present, He has answered many prayers for me since those dark days, my diabetic son became a Dr. of Physical Therapy he is happily married with two children, My husband is going on 26 years cancer free. No those years were not pleasant, but I remind myself that Christ’s death on the cross wasn’t either, yet He endured for me. For me– I’ll let Christ keep “Writing my story” thank you

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