I had a routine physical done last Aug 2019 and after some testing I found out I had uterine cancer. I wasn’t sick and I was lucky during the pap test one of the cancer cells decided to drop down and let the doctor know it was there which saved my life since my type of cancer would have been hard to detect until I was to sick. I was driving to work when my doctor called with the news. I turned around to go home, to upset to work. I had Life 102.5 on and the song “God’s not done with you” by Taureen Wells came on. God knew I needed to hear this I was so scared and didn’t know what my future will bring. I heard this song so many times. It gave me HOPE. I had my surgery last Nov which went well, doctors removed all cancer cells. Went thru chemo and radiation to ensure cancer is gone. Now I feel like myself. Will continue to see my doctors to ensure I’m healthy and remain cancer free. Thank you Life 102.5 I know God talks to me through the songs you play. “God’s not done with you” still makes me cry grateful tears and will be forever my favorite song. God bless you all and stay safe.

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