4 months ago I went to the hospital because my water broke at 22 weeks. I was able to stay pregnant for two more weeks to make it to 24 weeks, which is when the hospital is willing to take measures to keep a baby alive. My baby, Treasure Jubilee, was born March 27, 4 months early. Her due date was July 15. We have been driving back and forth from the hospital to home and I listen to 102.5 on my way in and out every day.

Recently I was discouraged and driving home a few days before she was to be discharged from the hospital. I was coming home and I heard the song Almost Home on Life 102.5. I felt seen by God on July 26th.

Then the day we were bringing her home (July 28th)….

I just didn’t want to leave all my four other kids home again by themselves so it meant loading everybody up for the trip into St. Mary’s Hospital. When we were all loaded in the car, and I turned it on….guess what was playing on Life 102.5? ALMOST HOME! I’m not joking! Seriously! The kids and I were just in awe of seeing the hand of God at work in our lives.

I was so blessed.

Blessed by this radio station and blessed that God was speaking to me through the song.

Here is the site to read more about our journey!


I posted my story on July 26th and July 28th.

My ten year old, Laura, wanted me to share this. She is so grateful and wanted to encourage others with our story of our modern day miracle and the miracle of Life!

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