I’ll be honest. My whole life I have been a devoted country music fan. I listen to it day in and day out without fail. But this February, in one of my most difficult times, I hit the seek button and found Life 102.5. The comforting words of a song telling me that the tough times will end and that I was not alone resonated with me and I’ve been a listener since. You see, my husband of five years received a diagnosis that day in February that will change our lives significantly. After a year of testing and evaluation, he was diagnosed with young onset Alzheimers Disease at the age of 54. We were told he has a life expectancy of between 8-12 years from onset of symptoms, which started about three years ago. When you hear that the man you love will someday not know who you are, it is a shock. Listening to the uplifting music on Life 102.5 helps me focus on the positive and live life with him in the present, Instead of focusing on how difficult the last few years of his life will be, I focus on the good times now. Thank you!

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