I just made a donation and was hoping to tell my story – then I dug around a little and found “your story” Just over 2 years ago I became an Oma to my first grandson. My son has chosen not to go to church or even questions faith. For many many months I asked about baptizing my grandson – the answer was a solid NO – I didn’t give up asking – but the answer didn’t change, although they did allow me to take my grandson to church when he stayed with us. Then one Sunday our Pastor gave his John the Baptist Sermon, I thought to myself, I have to ask one more time – I was full of info form the sermon but to no avail. I prayed and prayed. Then on my way home from work I was listening to Summer – she said that when nothing seems to work …. give it to God. I did, that night I prayed, giving it to God and said to myself that I couldn’t put a wedge between me and my son. Two days later my son called and said that they would agree to have Ian baptized, I was in tears-why didn’t I give this to God sooner? I’ll never know. Ian was baptized in my church, my son didn’t attend the service but I know some day he will understand (I continue to pray for them). Now … my granddaughter was just born (to my son and his wife, Ian’s sister). I’m praying that this isn’t such a struggle to have her baptized, I will be giving this to God now (and not waiting). Please help me pray that Rowan will become a child of God.

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  • janine says:

    when I’m feeling too anxious to read unable to concenrate the songs you play are always just what I need. Living alone in this pandemic even though I work overnights caregiving and am still so isolated. always felt deprived of hugs before…so much more now…the songs you play are the closest thing I have to a hug right now…

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