My story is part of what I have said for mother’s day about my mother in law. Except this is about how my life has changed in the last 6 years. I’ll start with that I have three wonderful children and a husband who I love dearly. In October of 2015, I lost my mom. She was always a constant person in my life who was there even when things were going very wrong for me. My mom was there when I had all three of my children. When she passed away it was very hard on me and the rest of my family. I had my husband and extended family there to help me through a very rough time. My mother would be very proud of how far I have come and that I gave my life back to Christ back in 2014 after we moved. I will always miss her no matter what day it is, but some days are harder than others are. I always choose to turn to God for the guidance I need in any situation I am going through.

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