First, I praise God for Life 102.5. I refer to Lauren Daigle’s song “Rescue” for my testimony. Every word of that song is my story…His story. I was very sick for 4 weeks, then in bed for a good 2 days straight. My neighbor was alerted by some odd texts I sent to her. She alerted another neighbor upstairs who, in turn, knocked down my apt door, finally getting an ambulance to take me to the hospital. I was admitted in septic shock due to a severe kidney infection. IVs were started in both arms. God heard my whisper…my SOS..he sent out an army to find me…in the middle of my darkest night, he rescued me. After a week, I came home and getting stronger daily with the help of many. I would have died if my neighbors, God, had not intervened. I now seek Him daily with a renewed hope, looking forward to each new day to serve him and pray for others. I listen to Life 102.5 and find encouragement. Good is good! “You are not hidden; there’s never been a moment you were forgotten. You are not hopeless…I have been broken…” Praise the Lord!

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