Hey all at Life 102.5! I grew up listening to this station, the wonderful music you play, and the uplifting message that you’ve consistently shared. It’d be an understatement to say that you helped shape me into who I am today! That being said, I’m a U.S. Marine. Graduated from Portage HS in 2018 and left for boot camp that September. I’m currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan and I’m the Afternoon Tide radio DJ here. I speak to the some 50,000 service members stationed here every single day. Going into the Marine Corps, I knew I was doing it to share the love of Jesus and spread the Word of my Savior to the masses. In the military, I knew it would be difficult to reach so many…and then I was blessed with this position as a radio DJ. I am reaching tens of thousands of people everyday, spreading the light of Jesus to every corner of this island I can reach (while staying within the regulations, that is). My prayers were answered and it only confirmed that I am a Marine solely to serve my God and His people. So thank you for being a light in my life during my most impressionable years, this radio station is amazing!
P.S. I would love to come to the studio the next time I’m home! Not sure if you guys do interviews or have guests, but radio has become a passion of mine and I would love to see a civilian station.

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  • Delilah Bell says:

    God bless and keep you Reagan, your story is very inspiring. It’s incredible how God ordains our steps before we’re born.

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