I would just like to share my story with you all. I’ll begin by telling you alittle about me, I am a true believer in God and believe he speaks to us through all of his beautiful creation called nature. I work at a wholesale cut flower farm here in Portage and have been there for 22 years. It is located 8 miles out of town in the country and it is complete seclusion, I am the only full time employee other than about 3 part-time in summer, and my boss just let’s me run the place like it was my own. I am still able to work right now, despite everything going on these days, which I am very thankful for. You may have seen our flowers at the Dane County farmers markets on Saturday mornings, and we are currently still taking our beautiful flowers to whole foods in Madison for everyone to enjoy. So this past Tuesday I was walking to one of our greenhouses, and I noticed a small blue marble sticking half out of the sand. I found it very odd as I have walked that path 1000s of times and for a marble to even be out there was strange being that there are no kids, distant neighbors and no where close to a road. So I picked it up and held it out to observe it, and my first thought was it reminded me of looking down from space at the Earth. I thought to myself, how cool is that and where did this even come from? To confirm I wasn’t losing my mind, I asked my employer when he came up if he’s ever had blue marbles out here and he said no. He himself found it very interesting. So being the curious one I am, thinking it’s a sign, lol, when I got home I Googled blue marble. I came across a site about the passing of the blue marbles, not sure if anyone has heard about it, but being that I live in a small box, I never had until Tuesday. The site I came across was https://digitalocean.net/passing-of-the-blue-marble/ if anyone cares to read. But it says by passing a blue marble, you are passing gratitude to someone. Cool I thought! I feel blessed to have been passed this marble from whoever it was that did so, may have been God or maybe the Earth itself? It may all be a coincidence or whatever, but in my little mind I feel like I was being passed alittle gratitude myself. ♥️☺️ I would also like to add, that I truly, truly LOVE your station, and I listen to it every single day and have for many years. It’s where I turn to get my piece of mind, especially now when we need it most. My most comforting times are taking in nature around us and playing your station. It’s one of my most favorite things to do. And I myself am finding positive things through this pandemic, I actually get some peace seeing the empty beaches, less traffic, almost zero chem trails in the sky, wildlife being at peace as well. I believe our planet needs a little sanitizing itself. I just wish it wasn’t happening the way it is and I pray for all the healthcare, employees that are essential and for all the families affected. I pray you all stay safe and please continue to uplift us all. You are all such wonderful people! ♥️ Just passing you all some gratitude, your station truly deserves it!

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