I’ve been listening for more than 4 years now. Life 102.5 has become a staple part of my life and I have had multiple times over the past few years where I have heard God speak to me directly through the station.
The one that is on my mind at the moment happened last summer, the day before my birthday I was talking with friends about going back to school and as I was leaving I get into my car and the radio turns on most of the way through the song “God’s Not Done With You” by Tauren Wells just as the bridge was starting (photo attached) with the line “He’s gonna finish what He started”. It was a confirmation of my prayers and an echo His promises. Within a month I was driving across the country for a school visit with Life 102.5 playing the whole way through the app. Whether or not I stay in the area WHEN I go back to school this station will be coming with me.

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