When my son was around 5 we found out he was allergic to tree nuts. Over the years he has had blood allergy testing, still allergic, and in his early teens he had a food challenge which he failed immediately. Fast forward to last year when my son turned eighteen and was going into his senior of high school. He decided he wanted to join the armed forces after he graduated. My son started making plans of when he would enlist when a relative pointed out that having a food allergy that requires an Epi pen would disqualify him. So we started to pray that if it was God’s plan for our son to join the armed forces that he would rid him of his allergies. So our son did another blood test which showed a mild sensitivity to walnuts and hazelnuts. The next step was a food challenge. My son went on his own to this app. We waited and waited to hear the results. Finally our son came home and showed my husband the letter the Dr. wrote. He shows no signifacant sensitivity to walnuts and doesn’t have to do the second food challenge. He also doesn’t require to have an Epi pen on hand anymore! God is awesome and it puts my mind at ease to know that this what God wants my son to do, this is His plan for him. I am looking forward to see what God has in store for him.

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