15 months ago my twin sister Julie Rortvedt recorded a message on your station about God answering prayers all in “God’s time.” At that time she had been dealing with cervical cancer and it then was in remission. In June 2019, the cancer returned. She unfortunately passed away on August 4, 2019.

I started hearing you play her message on the radio the last week of October, a few days before our 57th birthday. I could not believe I was hearing my sister’s voice again, right before my birthday! You have continued to play her inspiring message throughout November. Her two children and I have heard it many times in the last month and are so incredibly comforted to be able to hear her message and voice again.

I know God works in mysterious ways, and the timing of you playing my sister’s message is obviously God’s timing ( just like my sister said in her message). Our family is so thankful for your radio station and how you were able to bring comfort to our family.

I figured you had no idea that this was happening so I wanted to pass it on. Thank you for inspiring so many people through your radio station!

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