I am listening to Summer right now and it is really hitting me down deep. I love our Lord, our savior, Jesus and I love being in the Holy Spirit being. My son and I were at Wal-Mart today and a lady moved her cart to collide into mine. I must say I wasn’t paying to much attention. I was looking for the items on our list. When her action came into my focus I said hi. She looked at me and then left saying something about how rude I was.
My son was upset but I was still focused on what we needed. I told my son that he has to remember that some say or do things for their own actions to cause an argument but we need to realize that we should not give in and stay on the path we are on. We talked a bit more and got our stuff and now he is fine. I know, this would have been different if I didn’t have the Lord’s love in my heart.

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