One thing that you may not know is that my husband, the proud US solider, is not originally from the US at all. His family immigrated here 23 years ago. In honor of Independence Day, they joined me in the studio to share their story.

Family at an airport in Romania

Ciobanu Family, circa 1996, at an airport in Romania, preparing to emigrate to America. Pictured from left: Ligia Capalnas, Gina Ciobanu, Emilia Ciobanu, Silviu Ciobanu, Adrian Ciobanu, Cornel Ciobanu, Eddy Ciobanu.

Ciobanu interview – part 1 (life left behind, why leave)

Ciobanu interview – part 2 (doubts about leaving)

Ciobanu interview – part 3 (kids talk about what they remember of Romania)

Ciobanu interview – part 4 (the challenges in leaving)

Ciobanu interview – part 5 (arriving in America)

Ciobanu interview – part 6 (staying positive)

Ciobanu interview – part 7 (kids talk about the opportunities they’ve been given in America)

Ciobanu interview – part 8 (kids talk about the legacy their parents left)

Ciobanu interview – part 9 (advice for anyone facing a leap of faith)



3 Responses to "Summer Shepherd – Leaving it all behind, a story of faith"

  • Beth says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your family’s story!

  • Roxanne says:

    That was wonderful to listen to. Thsnk you for sharing your family

  • Jennifer Olmstead says:

    Wow! That is a giant leap of Faith!

    I remember that time period very well (1989; when the Berlin Wall fell), as my Grandma Blanche had been praying for exactly that to happen every Saturday (during her special hour or more of prayer time), for as long as I can remember! I was a college student at that point in time; but, unfortunately for Grandma, she was Not able to understand that her biggest prayer(s) had been answered by God, as she had severe Alzheimer’s Disease. I was extremely excited; and yet I was very sad that she could Not understand what had been happening in the World.

    This precious Romanian family (especially your father-in-law), was/were extremely brave in literally “leaving everything behind them”. He sounds like a man who has an immense amount of Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and following through with what he Truly felt was God’s will for him, and his family’s life/lives!

    I would really like to hear more of their life story!

    In Christ’s Love, Jennifer

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