For the past 3 years, my dad has been an alcoholic. A couple years ago, when I wasn’t old enough to drive myself, he would drive. He drove drunk with me just about every day for 2 years, whether it was in the morning, day, or night. It is truly a miracle that we were never in an accident, as some people don’t even live to be a passenger or drive a second time. After that, I developed PTSD, and it has been difficult and terrifying to be not just his, but anybody’s passenger again. It has even been hard to drive myself down familiar roads and routes that carry strong memories of him. But last year on my 40 minute drive to work, I was flipping through the stations and discovered Life 102.5. And ever since, I’ve rarely listened to any other station. Thanks to this station and to God, the music that’s played makes me feel so much more comfortable and safer when I’m his/a passenger or whenever I’m driving myself. Christian music has changed my life, and I truly thank you for that!

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