Your topic tonight really hits home about your life slowly slipping away. In 2008, my son passed away from co-sleeping with me. I was a single mother and was doing what helped him sleep, but in the end I ended up costing him his life. I was so angry, SO VERY, VERY angry with God. Why me? Why Camden? He only had 6 short weeks here and hadn’t gotten to walk the earth as much as me. I stayed far away from church for a long time, not even praying and rather, enjoyed partying because it took the pain away.
Then, one year to the day that he passed away, my daughter was born! Even as I type this I cry because it still is overwhelming to me. I remember looking out the window in the hospital and just saying ‘God, I know that is you and thank you for forgiving me of my absence and anger.’ I felt a relationship rebuilding.

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