My friend has been going through really hard times. Two of her uncles died in the same month and she has been bullied throughout her life by other classmates and some of her friends just to name a few things. After a while, she started feeling suicidal. I have tried to be there for her all that I can, but I can’t always help and my other friends have just been making the situation worse. I am a very empathetic person and so a lot of what she feels, I feel too. It tears me apart seeing her so miserable. I started questioning God, asking him why would he let terrible things happen? Why does such suffering happen so young? I am only almost 14. I was listening to music when I heard the song “Save My Life” by Sidewalk Prophets. It says “If you looked me right in the eye, would see the pain deep inside? Would you take the time to… tell me something that might save my life.” I looked at the lyrics and I interpreted it two different ways, first I took it as in getting eternal life through Jesus Christ. But then I listened to it again and I realized that if I share the gospel with her it might actually mean it might save her life. That gave me hope and encouragement. It also gave my courage to speak to her about Jesus. I will just put my trust in the lord that he will save her, both mentally and spiritually.

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  • Colin Guenther says:

    tell your friend that god always listens even when you think he isn’t and that there is someone out there you will love her for who she is

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