I am a recovering drug addict since 2015. I spent almost 10 years (my 20’s) addicted to drugs. I started listening to the station in 2015 when I decided to get clean. I needed the support and positivity the station gave me. When I heard the song by For King and Country “Priceless” it helped allow me to forgive myself for who I was and what I had done in the past. That no matter what, I am worth something to someone including myself. The love of my life has told me I am the person he loves today due to who I was in the past and what I have been through because of it.

Recently the song “Maybe It’s Okay” has really hit me hard. It makes me think about hitting that rock bottom as an addict. And without hitting that bottom I would not know what it feels like to rise up through my recovery process. Without going through the loss of my mom in 2013, I would not have known how much I cherished our relationship and knowing I have no regrets about the strength of our relationship when she was nearing the end. I would also not know how my relationship with my dad would grow and how he would become my light and hope due to him going through the struggle with me to get clean. And finally, without the poor relationships I have had, I would not know what true love is and what it is like to really fall in love with a great man.

The song just always brings tears to my eyes.

I am now in recovery and I work for a company as a peer specialist. Which means I work with individuals suffering from addiction and/or co-occurring mental illness(s). When my peers are in my car I always have 102.5 on. I appreciate how the songs can affect individuals in such positive and hopeful ways.

This station plays music that keeps me strong, gives me the hope I need to keep moving forward and to remember that I am not alone. It is a blessing and I am thankful everyday that I found this station.

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