Dec. 25th is supposed to be a celebration. This past year had me so depressed and angry. I was struggling financially and it seemed nothing was going my way. I am a strong believer that when you are making good choices and doing good in your life, good will come to you. So why was I struggling so much? Christmas came and we had no tree, no presents, no decorations, no church. I never felt the spirit. I turned on 102.5 and listened to the Christmas music every day as I worked (I am a CNA doing Hospice care going to facilities and homes so I am in my car a lot). Something drew me day after day to this station. After Christmas, I stayed listening. Then it came on, “You Say” by Lauren Daigle. This song touched my soul. Every word in the song…..I felt. In fact, I LIVED them! I cried the first time I heard it. How could a stranger write a song that seemed to be “meant” for me? Then, on the early morning of January 29th, in 12 minutes, our whole lives changed. My daughter was cooking on the stove with grease and walked away from the pan. She went in to the living room and could not see the kitchen. I was asleep in my bedroom right by the kitchen. I woke from a dead sleep (I believe HE woke me). I saw red flickering from the kitchen. I jumped up and saw 5 ft flames coming from a pan on the stove. I yelled for my kids to grab our pets and leave the house and move our vehicles away from the house. I couldn’t get to a lid to try and cover it. In fact, I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I had already called the fire department. I grabbed my wallet and ran out of the house barefoot, in shorts and a shirt. In the house was everything we owned. But we were safe. The fire department took 10 minutes to put it out, but it did so much damage. We lost everything. My heart changed. I was not mad…..I was grateful. We are ALIVE! I have a tattoo that says “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” I live by this. I also realize that even in what may seem a very dark time in our lives, there is always someone worse off than us. We need to be thankful. God is good and has surrounded us with amazing co workers, friends and strangers. My faith in God has never been stronger. I firmly believe God has placed this trial in front of me so I can appreciate the tribulations! We will overcome. We will rebuild. And my heart is still full. We are staying in a motel room but should have a new place this next week. Thank you for keeping my spirits high with the music that fill my soul. There is only one God, and boy, is He ever good!

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