This past Friday, at 7 pm my niece who lives in Coal Valley, IL contacts me and asked if I could send her money through Walmart. Her husband lost his job and they had no money. She is pregnant and due on December 25th, they have two daughters ages 2 and 5. They ran out of food and not eaten since Thursday. After talking with her I called her dad, my brother, and he tells me they have no furniture in their living room, no kitchen table and chairs or a Christmas tree. I sent her $50.00 so they can eat right away. I contacted my good friend Dawn. I tell her the story. She donated a card table with 4 folding chairs, a ham, beef roast, can goods and $100.00. Dawn has never met my niece. (In fact, the last time I saw my niece she was 3 years old. She is now 27. We had reconnected after all this time.) I then look online for free furniture. At 9:00 at night I go to pick up a free couch from a family I have never met before. I briefly tell them my nieces story and they gave me two gaming chairs for the girls, a pack n play, stroller and a portable swing for the baby. They tell me if my niece needs anything else to contact them again and they will help out in anyway. I loaded my van with everything that was donated by these two incredible families along with food, a Christmas tree and a recliner that I donated. It is absolutely incredible that these two families who never met my niece wanted to help her and her family. We truly are blessed!

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