Good Afternoon!

As I look back at my past, I see how God has been shaping my life; all in ways I would have never guessed or planned. From when I was a young confirmad being deeply embedded within the the good Word where I was on the fast track of taking the path of ministry up until my teen and young adult years where I went a different path and went to school for Computers. Upon graduation, I could not find a job within my degree and wound up bouncing through a couple of positions until I met my wife. Upon my proposal to her, I was then laid off for 8 months – which led me to my current place of employment. A place I have enjoyed 13 years of supplying for my young family and an industry far from computers.

In that time, we started to have kids, and my one fear was that we would run into complications. This would come to fruition on our third, where we were told within the first tri-mester that he would not make it past child birth and we were pushed hard to abort. His story is only that of God’s true grace and love. We were constantly being given dates of expiration for our son, each time – God would pull us through. While in the midst of all of the trials and tribulations with our youngest, I had also come down with shingles and soon after that appendicitis. Fast forward now 6 years to current date and with abounding love and support from our Pastor and congregation, we have three beautiful children; yes one with difficulties, but we are truly blessed to be given the responsibility to be all three of these kid’s caretakers by the charge of our dear Lord.

Looking back at the crooked and sometimes jagged path we have come through, one constant was true in our lives, our faith – which only grows stronger as we face each new hurdle. Without it, and without God in our lives, I have to believe – we would be among the lost.

Our struggles to us are viewed as blessings, though at the time of living these trials – it may not seem as a blessing, but they are and will continue to be as it all has brought us closer to our creator. There are two songs that fit our situation and struggles and have seemed to come out at the right time, are Plumb – “Need You Now” and Hawk Nelson – “Diamonds.” I’m sure there will be more to come as we walk in His light.

As we look back at a life we did not see coming, we do the same looking forward as we now are being moved to prayerfully consider the ministry. A complete 180 from life as we know it. Dropping our things much like the disciples and following Jesus. Doing his will and reaching out to others to bring them to His great and most awesome love.

Thank you for being a beacon of inspiration and hope for those in search of a fulfillment in their lives, that they too may have a chance to turn to our reason and find peace. He is why we have what we have in our lives, who we are, where we will be. God is our why.

To God all be the glory!

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