I just donated to the fall share and became a member of team 360 in my Dad’s memory. Today would have been his 89th birthday. He went home to God on July 1st and was reunited with my Mom, his wife of 60 years. He left this earth in complete peace because of his incredibly strong faith. I pray every day that we all can find that peace; what a world it would be.

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  • Rae Hamilton says:

    I am sorry for your loss. My family lost my dad at the end of March. The phone call to say he had been taken to the hospital by ambulance was a shock to us. My dad was a stoic man, he took care of himself and wouldn’t ask for help from anyone, so I knew if he asked for an ambulance he was not well. We setup camp in his hospital room until the very end and we were all with him for his passing. My prayer is that he is enjoying tending God’s garden and apple orchards in heaven.

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